Leading the world
to sustainable carbon

A secure supply chain of carbon nanotubes and graphite from CO2 emissions

Batteries & supercapacitors
Paints & Coatings


World’s first scalable technology for utilising CO2 emissions

The shift from fossil fuel based raw materials to UP Catalyst sustainable carbon contributes to avoiding 118.7 megatons of CO2 emissions by the year 2030

CO2 emissions (tons) avoided by using UP Catalyst carbon production technology

222 000 t/yr

0 t/yr

CO₂ capturing capacity by 2030

60 000 t/yr

0 t/yr

sustainable carbon production capacity from CO₂ by 2030

118 700 000 t

0 t

of greenhouse gas emissions avoided by 2030

Reap the benefits of CO2 innovation

Elevate your products with carbon negative raw materials by utilising 3.7 tons of CO2 per every ton of material produced


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Are manufacturers ready to pay the price of sustainability? 

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UP Catalyst technology

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UP Catalyst carbon produced with elctrolysis method from co2

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