Leading the world
to sustainable carbon

We will secure a sustainable supply chain of carbon materials by giving the unwanted waste product CO₂ a green purpose.

1 000 000 t/yr

CO₂ capturing capacity by 2030

300 000 t/yr

sustainable carbon production capacity from CO₂ by 2030

115 000 000 t

of greenhouse gas emissions avoided by 2030

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Batteries & supercapacitors
Paints & coatings
paints and coatings
Batteries & supercapacitors

Carbon nanomaterials are valuable additives in energy storage and production devices, such as batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, and solar cells. Graphite is the key component in batteries due to its energy density.

Paints & coatings

Carbon material dispersions are not only fire and corrosion-resistant, but they also improve the electrical conductivity and mechanical strength of paints and coatings.


Carbon nanomaterials are known to possess a high ratio of elasticity, tensile strength, and yield strain, which make them an attractive reinforcing material for concrete. Thus concrete could be produced more sustainably and in much smaller volumes to cover the same need.


Exceptionally high material properties such as good electrical conductivity, built-in structural flexibility, chemical, and thermal stability, high surface area, and semiconducting nature make carbon nanomaterials ideal additives in composite materials.

The perfect symphony of high quality, sustainability and affordability – every time.


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