UP Catalyst technology

UP Catalyst secures €4M in funding to reduce Europe’s reliance on Chinese carbon materials 

The company will utilize the funds to scale up their local production of carbon materials and graphite derived from CO2 emissions, offering a sustainable alternative source of raw materials to European battery manufacturers.  UP Catalyst, a pioneer in sustainable carbon material production directly from CO2 emissions, successfully closed a €4 million seed investment round to advance its ground-breaking technology.   The funding occurred amidst China’s announcement of graphite export curbs that has added urgency to the quest for local battery raw material alternatives. This is particularly crucial given that Europe currently depends on graphite imports for 99% of its supply….
UP Catalyst Receives € 1.5 M to Make Carbon for Batteries

UP Catalyst Secures € 1.5 M to Make Carbon Materials for Batteries

Author: Ioanna Stavropoulou

Electric car with sodium-ion batteries

Electrode Material from CO2 Leads to Exceptional Performance in Sodium-ion Batteries

Author: Teele Niidas

Sustainable carbon out of CO2.

Consortium Introduces Molten Salt Regeneration System for CCU

Author: Ioanna Stavropoulou

UP Catalyst produces graphite out of CO2 for electric car batteries.

UP Catalyst disrupts the heavily China-reliant supply chain of graphite

Author: Ioanna Stavropoulou

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