UP Catalyst Receives € 1.5 M to Make Carbon for Batteries

UP Catalyst Secures € 1.5 M to Make Carbon Materials for Batteries

UP Catalyst, a leading nanotech company, will develop its 3rd-generation reactor to produce advanced carbon materials for batteries. This solution will specifically tackle the key challenges in carbon manufacturing. The 2-year project received funding from EAS-Enterprise Estonia to produce high-purity carbon from CO2 for battery applications.   Tallinn-based UP Catalyst uses the Molten Salt Carbon Capture and Electrochemical Transformation (MSCC-ET) to produce carbon nanomaterials and graphite. Graphite makes up half of an electric car’s battery weight and is a vital part of the battery anode. But Europe relies heavily on imports that reach up to 500,000 tons annually and put…
Electric car with sodium-ion batteries

Electrode Material from CO2 Leads to Exceptional Performance in Sodium-ion Batteries

Author: Teele Niidas

Sustainable carbon out of CO2.

Consortium Introduces Molten Salt Regeneration System for CCU

Author: Ioanna Stavropoulou

UP Catalyst produces graphite out of CO2 for electric car batteries.

UP Catalyst disrupts the heavily China-reliant supply chain of graphite

Author: Ioanna Stavropoulou

sustainable carbon nanomaterials

UP Catalyst receives €1.2 M to produce the greenest multipurpose carbon materials

Author: Ioanna Stavropoulou

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