UP Catalyst secures €4M in funding to reduce Europe’s reliance on Chinese carbon materials 

UP Catalyst technology

The company will utilize the funds to scale up their local production of carbon materials and graphite derived from CO2 emissions, offering a sustainable alternative source of raw materials to European battery manufacturers.  UP Catalyst, a pioneer in sustainable carbon material production directly from CO2 emissions, successfully closed a €4 million seed investment round to […]

Electrode Material from CO2 Leads to Exceptional Performance in Sodium-ion Batteries

Electric car with sodium-ion batteries

UP Catalyst, a leading Estonian nanotechnology company, is proud to announce the achievement of superior performance in sodium-ion batteries using a novel electrode material derived from CO2. The tests were conducted by the Titirici group, a multidisciplinary research team based at Imperial College London, focusing on the applications of carbon materials in renewable energy technologies. […]

7 Surprising Ways Carbon Materials Affect Your Daily Life

Carbon materials

Science is continuously breaking new ground and expanding the limits of what is possible. The incorporation of carbon materials into our daily lives is becoming more and more common due to their properties and endless possibilities. We are bringing you some of the latest finds from research for your daily dose of carbon.  1.Clothing. The […]

UP Catalyst and SafeRock start developing carbon-negative concrete

Estonian technology start-up UP Catalyst and Norwegian start-up SafeRock joined forces in the Norway Grants „Green ICT“ programme carried out by Enterprise Estonia to start producing CO2 negative concrete with enhanced mechanical properties. The project, which secured a €400k grant for the first phase development, has the potential to add a new, innovative process to the carbon intensive construction sector. As a […]

UP Catalyst closes its first investment round of €500k

One of the reasons for the slow adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is cost. But the most common reason people give for not buying EVs is the concern about the driving range and the fear that the battery will run out of charge. With all the recent advances, battery technology hasn’t changed that much in […]

UP Catalyst secures €1.59 million to turn CO₂ into graphite

A EIT RawMaterials-supported project consortium specialising in energy storage development has launched a two-year pilot program to design and build a scalable shipping container synthesis reactor that is capable of transforming CO2 emissions into graphite, a mineral now classified by the EU as a critical raw material, and various carbon nanomaterials. The innovative project called CO2Carbon secured an […]

Are electric cars really better for the environment?

Electric cars are clearly at the frontier of next-generation mobility – an image widely curated by Tesla. We have entered the decade where the electric car numbers are set to hit 145 million by the end of 2030, and this is even a modest assumption according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). After entering commercial markets in […]

UP Catalyst to start producing oxygen on Mars, with support from ESA

Estonian team UP Catalyst is about to boost their novel way of oxygen production on Mars. With technical support, funding and hands on mentoring from field specific experts, the startup is on a path to helping mankind take this next step. NASA has been preparing for human exploration of Mars for decades, and the Mars Oxygen In-Situ […]