Scaling Deep-Tech Production: From GEN1 to GEN2 Reactor 

In May 2024, the International Energy Agency (IEA) released the Global Critical Minerals Outlook 2024, predicting that by 2030, 93% of battery-grade graphite will come from China. The IEA identifies graphite as a mineral with very high geopolitical risks, highlighting that its supply can be easily disrupted, and prices could surge unexpectedly.  Apart from the […]

Molten Salt Regeneration: The Game-Changer

UP Catalyst carbon produced with elctrolysis method from co2

This article was shared at Nuclear Engineering International. Corrosion caused by high temperatures and corrosive salts has long plagued molten salt-based nuclear reactor industries. Now though, a technology designed to produce carbon nanomaterials could be the breakthrough needed to clean impurities from the coolant fuel circulating in molten salt reactor designs. The issue of corrosion […]

What on earth are carbon nanomaterials?

The question is legitimate since nanomaterials are so small that even a single hair is around 1000 times thicker. Nanomaterials have a size of less than 100 nanometers. Before the discovery of carbon nanomaterials, the most well-known forms of carbon were diamond and graphite. Carbon nanostructures were discovered in 1991 by the physicist Sumio Iijima. […]