Scaling Deep-Tech Production: From GEN1 to GEN2 Reactor 

In May 2024, the International Energy Agency (IEA) released the Global Critical Minerals Outlook 2024, predicting that by 2030, 93% of battery-grade graphite will come from China. The IEA identifies graphite as a mineral with very high geopolitical risks, highlighting that its supply can be easily disrupted, and prices could surge unexpectedly.  Apart from the […]

Are manufacturers ready to pay the price of sustainability? 

Are battery manufacturers ready to pay the price of sustainability

The shift towards net zero relies significantly on the abundance of materials, particularly those that enable higher levels of sustainability without compromising on performance. Global legislation is putting considerable pressure on manufacturers, and consumer demand is now aligning with this trajectory.  According to BCG, the demand for sustainable raw materials could exceed supply by as […]

UP Catalyst secures €4M in funding to reduce Europe’s reliance on Chinese carbon materials 

UP Catalyst technology

The company will utilize the funds to scale up their local production of carbon materials and graphite derived from CO2 emissions, offering a sustainable alternative source of raw materials to European battery manufacturers.  UP Catalyst, a pioneer in sustainable carbon material production directly from CO2 emissions, successfully closed a €4 million seed investment round to […]