Top 10 Cement Companies in Europe to Use Carbon Nanotubes from CO₂ Emissions in 2030 

Did you know that concrete is responsible for 8% of the world’s CO₂ emissions and is the second most-used substance in the world after water?  Reducing CO₂ emissions from cement manufacturing is particularly challenging because they result from the release of CO₂ during the conversion of CaCO₃ (calcium carbonate). ⅔ of the direct emissions come […]

Carbon materials in sodium-ion batteries: A new era in energy storage?

Carbon materials in sodium-ion batteries for sustainable production

The energy storage industry has long been dominated by lithium-ion batteries, but recent developments have shown that this trend may be reaching a bottleneck. One such technology that has caught the attention of many is sodium-ion batteries (SIB). Sodium is an element with similar physiochemical properties to lithium but has unique advantages, such as natural abundance, environmental friendliness, and […]

Electrode Material from CO2 Leads to Exceptional Performance in Sodium-ion Batteries

Electric car with sodium-ion batteries

UP Catalyst, a leading Estonian nanotechnology company, is proud to announce the achievement of superior performance in sodium-ion batteries using a novel electrode material derived from CO2. The tests were conducted by the Titirici group, a multidisciplinary research team based at Imperial College London, focusing on the applications of carbon materials in renewable energy technologies. […]